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    Whelen® Speakers
    Howler™ System SA315P Series
  1. Whelen® 
Howler™ System
    Whelen® Howler™ System
    Howler is an add-on to any 100/200 watt wiren amplifier and is not a replacement to the vehicles primary siren Uses low frequency tones to synchronize with the vehicles primary siren tones A layer of warning for intersections & high risk areas, the howler provides deep tones to penetrate other vehicles, alerting drivers and pedestrians of your approach
  1. Whelen® 
SA315 Series Speaker
    Whelen® SA315 Series Speaker
    Superior performance in a very small profile package Compact size is ideal for concealed installations in any type vehicle The SA315P installs easily and delivers traffic clearing warning where it's needed: in front of your vehicle Truer tone quality and wider/higher frequency than speakers of comparable size Universal mounting bracket, plus vehicle specific brackets available
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