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  1. Handheld • Portable Lighting Solutions:

Small Flashlights
    Handheld • Portable Lighting Solutions: Small Flashlights
    Hamsar Pelican™
  1. Hamsar
Compact LED Flashlight
    Hamsar #81303 Compact LED Flashlight
    Compact & Convenient Includes handy clip-on key ring and lanyard Recharges from 12V power socket for convenient emergency lighting Intense LED light output Low Current Draw Maintenance Free Charged & Ready to Go!
  1. Pelican™
2140 Tracker™
    Pelican™ 2140 Tracker™
    The Tracker™ 2140 Flashlight is made of tough polycarbonate resin that withstands chemicals, water, and corrosion. The focused Xenon lamp module produces a tight white beam that penetrates smoke and fog. A twist-on shroud eliminates leaky switches. The Tracker™ can be clipped to your coat, shirt pocket or hat to allow your hands to be free to work, hike, bike or read. It is submersible which makes it ideal as a underwater marker or signal light. Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence Submersible Super Bright Xenon Beam Colours available: Yellow Safety Certified
  1. Pelican™
1920 Ultra Compact
    Pelican™ 1920 Ultra Compact
    The new ultra compact 1920 flashlights are designed with style and function in mind. Using readily available AAA batteries, these bright LED lights create a clean white beam. Long burntimes combined with hi-lumen output make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light LED Colours Available: Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Gold

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  1. Pelican™
2340 MityLite™
    Pelican™ 2340 MityLite™
    The 2340 is a compact, convenient personal flashlight, but is also a powerful professional duty light. A pre-focused Xenon lamp module produces a powerful, bright white, modified spot beam. The body is made of unbreakable Xenoy that resists chemicals and water. The MityLite™ has a tail button for easy on/off or intermittent light. It is powered by 2 AA alkaline cells and safety approved for hazardous conditions. A must-have for every toolbox. Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence Super Bright Xenon Beam Colours Available: Black, Yellow Safety Certified
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