1. Utility Truck with KH Industries Nightray 2 Remote Spot Light
    KH Industries Remote Controlled Spot Lights
    KH Industries vehicle mounted remote controlled spotlights are the utility industry standard for nighttime line inspection and repair because of their durability in the harshest environments These professional grade lights were made to withstand the rigors of the utility industry including snow, ice, saltwater, and rough terrain Choose from the following systems: Single NightRay™ Spotlight Double NightRay™ 2 Spotlight StarBeam™ 2 Dual-Head Spotlight
  1. KH Industries NightRay 2 Spotlight System
    KH Industries NightRay™ 2 Spotlight System
    Exclusive open yoke design and clutch allows for trouble free operation in snow, ice, and salt water Full Lamphead Rotation: 370° Degree of Motion on Horizontal Axis and 350° Vertical Tilt TwinRay™ Wireless controller will control up to two NightRay™ Spotlights from 100' Options Include: Single or Double NightRay™ Kits Available Various Lamp packages available: Par 36 or Par 46 Spot or Spot/Flood HID, Halogen, Incandescent Wireless, Hard Wired, or Dual-Controlled Operation 5 Year Limited Warranty

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  1. KH Industries StarBeam 2 dual-Head Spotlight System
    KH Industries StarBeam™ 2 Dual-Head Spotlight System
    Bright Dependable Illumination in a Durable Design Operates with TwinRay™ Controller Two Rotating lamp heads provide 330° of vertical and horizontal movement and provides precise placement of light output Options Include: Wireless, Hard Wired, or Dual-Controlled Operation Various Lamp Packages available: LED, HID, Halogen

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