Husky Liners proudly makes automotive aftermarket products designed to protect your ride inside and out.
At the core of their wide product line are the Husky Liners brand custom-fit floor liners, including front seat, rear seat, and cargo area.

They also manufacture heavy-duty floor mats, custom molded mudguards, and a wide assortment of qualifty products designed to help extend the life of your vehicle.

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  1. Husky Floor Liners X-ACT Contour Floor Mats
    Husky Liners® X-act Contour® Rubber Floor Mats
    PREMIUM AUTO FLOOR MATS The Husky Liners® X-act Contour® perfectly matches the contours of your truck or SUV and brings together indestructible strength with a soft, comfortable cushion. Premium Look • Exclusive Features The patented FormFit Edge™ is a raised ridge that runs along the door jam, protecting your truck or SUV from all manner of mess. Whether you've got carpet or vinyl, the StayPut Cleats™ help keep the liner from shifting around underfoot Guaranteed...For Life
  1. Husky Floor Liners Weatherbeater Custom Car Mats
    Husky Liners® Weatherbeater™ Custom Car Mats
    ALL-WEATHER MATS, RUGGED & SPORTY The Husky Liners® Weatherbeater™ Custom Car Mats perfectly form to the contours of your ride and offer unbeatable carpet protection. FormFit Design™ FormFit Edge™ StayPut Cleats™ Guaranteed....For Life
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  4. Image of Husky Floor Liner
  5. Magniified view of Husky black floor liner
Hours of Operation​:
Monday - Friday:  8:30AM - 4:30PM

4150 South Service Road, Unit#5
Burlington, ON
L7L 4X5

Tel: 905-332-7026


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