1. Auto Mechanic with Hamsar LED Flashlight
    Hamsar LED Flashlights • Intrinsically Safe Flashlights
    Hamsar's LED Flashlights are designed for PROFESSIONAL Grade applications, providing superior brightness and versatility to all Automotive, Heavy Equipment, and 'Spark-Free" environments
  1. Hamsar 81307 LED Flashlight
    High/Low Setting - providing the right amount of light Cordless & Rechargeable - No batteries! Dual Function - Flashlight and Inspection Light Light Output: 1200 Lumens (High) & 375 Lumens (Low) Integral Hanging Hook & magnetic Clip Includes 110Vac Wall Charger & 12Vdc Car Charger Operating Time: 4 Hours High / 8 Hours Low Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
  1. Hamsar 81305 LED Flashlight
    Hamsar #81305 18-LED Magnetic Inspection Light
    Flashlight & Inspection Light Function 18-LED @ 540 lux Ratchet hinge design for multi-positional use Magnetic Base Cordless & Rechargeable Complete with 110Vac Charger
  1. Hamsar 81303 Compact LED Flashlight
    Hamsar #81303 Compact LED Flashlight
    Compact & Convenient Includes handy clip-on key ring and lanyard Recharges from 12V power socket for convenient emergency lighting Intense LED light output Low Current Draw Maintenance Free Charged & Ready to Go!
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  1. Hamsar 81313 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight
    Hamsar #81313 - (ISF-313) INTRINSICALLY SAFE LED Flashlight
    Enhanced LED Efficiency High/Low Settings - control light output & battery life High Setting @ 42 Hours - Low Setting @ 80 Hours Lumen Output: (High) 124 Lumens & (Low) 55 Lumens Beam Distance: (High) 550' (Low) 300' Certifications: 1,2,3 Div 1, ABCD, EFG Zone 300, Temp Code: T4 Rated: IP67 UL Classified Dimensions: 8.85" x 2.36" x 2.35" (3 "C" Batteries)